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Guaranteed Alternatives to CDs

Fixed Annuities

The fixed annuity is an investment contract between an annuitant (investor) and an insurance company. The insurance company agrees to pay the annuitant a fixed income for a period of time based upon the value invested in the annuity. For this reason fixed annuities are also referred to as fixed income annuities.

One of the most appealing aspects of a fixed annuity is that it pays a fixed dollar amount for the duration of the investment. This can be a particularly appealing feature in times of market volatility (something pretty common these days). The fixed annuity behaves similar to a CD, and provides a guaranteed payment for the duration of the payout period.

The advisors at Sterling Manor Financial are independant and can work with you to pick the best investment for your individual needs.  Below are some recent terms.*

CompanyRateTermAM Best Rating
Company11.454 YearsA
Company22.857 YearsA+
Company34.61/1.508 YearsA

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*Guarantees are based on claim-paying ability of the issuing company.  Rates subject to change.  Not a deposit.  Not FDIC/NCUA insured. 

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