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For New and Prospective Clients

As a new or prospective client, you probably have some questions about Sterling Manor Financial and about our process for helping our clients succeed financially. Below are answers to the most common questions we receive. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you might have!

Why would you work with Sterling Manor Financial instead of one of the large nationwide firms?

Sterling Manor Financial is a boutique firm. As such, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide superior, personal service to all of our clients.

As a client:

  • You'll never be lost in a phone queue when you have a question about your accounts.
  • You'll never be reassigned to another advisor when yours "is no longer with the company." We're not just advisors, we're also owners!
  • You'll never be reassigned to the "home office" because your accounts are too small.
  • You WILL receive the highest level of personal service.
  • You WILL receive prompt replies to all of your requests.
  • You WILL have the confidence of knowing that impromptu meetings, phone calls, and video conferences are always available.

As a boutique we can be more nimble regarding all of your requests than any of the large national brokers. And, because we're owners and not just employees, we share your long-term goals and concerns.

What makes Sterling Manor Financial different from my broker?

In light of the financial uncertainty and shady characters featured in the economic news, it's important to understand the relationship between you and your financial professionals.

When acting as your Investment Advisor Representatives, the advisors in our firm have a legal fiduciary responsibility to you . This means that we have a legal obligation to put your financial interests above our own. In fact, many of your larger brokerages - the household names - have been lobbying hard to still be able to call their brokers "advisors", without being bound to the same fiduciary standards.

We also employ a 3rd-Party Custodian. While many of the large household names provide custody of your funds in-house, we use a 3rd party to add an additional safeguard for your assets. TD Ameritrade Institutional, Pershing (Bank of NY Mellon), or Schwab act as custodian, providing 3rd party statements, auditing and updating of your accounts. With news stories surfacing regularly about misappropriation of clients' funds and various Ponzi schemes, it's important to know that your funds are secured and verified by a 3rd party,

New Client Resources

Click HERE to download a New Client Financial Planning Timeline.

Click HERE to download a New Client Data Gathering booklet.

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